Circle and Line



Circle & Line is a design studio that is exploring decor for interior space. We primarily focus on collaborations with other brands, helping them develop unique products, which speak directly to their brand identity.

The name Circle and Line came after reading the book Seeing is forgetting the name of the thing one sees, a book that is written over thirty years of conversations with Robert Irwin. Robert Irwin described the circle as the most neutral shape possible (page 104) and the line the most energy efficient , the least Rorschachable gesture. (page 66)



The mobile series investigates the vast possibilities of how a circle and line can be deconstructed and reconfigured into new compositions. Playing with weight, movement, and ultimately gravity.  


photo: Dávid Lovas

photo: Dávid Lovas


Corie defines her career with loose perimeters as an object designer, she allows for the freedom to consider various materials, and a variety of products.  Corie spent over a decade of designing leather accessories, and it has been the last few years that she started making mobiles, and she is currently working with clients to create a variety of products.

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