Circle and Line

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One of the most gratifying aspects of making sculptures,  is to be inspired by a space, and to create a specific design tailored to the perimeters of that space. If you would like to have a custom piece, we would love to help you create it.

The Process

We will visit your space and talk to you about what type of piece works specifically for you. We will submit a proposal based on your project. We will consider materials, scale, and installation. Corie will sketch designs for you to review with a couple different options.

Once you approve designs, we will work with our team of fabricators to create the piece. We will discuss the time frame in the proposal. 

Because of the time investment, we are only able to customize the larger scale pieces. 


With the acceptance of the proposal, a deposit will be placed,  the amount will be determined by the unique criteria of the project.  In the proposal we will arrange a payment schedule for the remaining installments.

Please note depending on the complexity of the piece, and the installation location, the installation fee can vary.  Although, the installation service is optional.