Circle and Line


With minimal effort, this new line of Circle & Line products will create maximum impact in any space.

The air plant collection is inspired by the juxtaposition of the organic and the inorganic, of plant and metal, of green and brass. When Bloomist contacted Corie to commission a series of mobiles and wall hangings incorporating air plants, the challenge intrigued her. The result was a startling, stunning new product as Corie composed mobiles and hangers with suspended plants designed to bring natural life as well as reflected light to any space

Mobile No. 19, $350  SHOP

Mobile No. 19, $350 SHOP

Wall Hanging No. 6, $150  SHOP

Wall Hanging No. 6, $150 SHOP

Brass Wall Hangings, $75/$128 pair,  SHOP

Brass Wall Hangings, $75/$128 pair, SHOP

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Air plants are the nickname of the Tillandsia plant; they’re called that because they get most of what they need from the air. They can be an easy and graceful addition to your home, but there are a few things to keep in mind, especially when caring for plants held in brass:

  1. Water patinas brass, so all watering of air plants should be done away from the sculpture itself unless you intend to add a weathered look to your mobile or wall hanging.

  2. Soaking can be key to air plant care—when you first receive your air plant, soak it for half an hour and then let it dry overnight. We’ve found that drying it upside down works best; in the morning, ensure that it is completely dry and then gently place it into the hanging.

  3. Mist or soak the plant more often during hot months or when the heat is on in your space, less often during the cooler months. We’ve found that a good soak every couple of weeks for an hour or more brings about the best results.  

  4. They love bright, indirect light, whether from the sun or indoor bulbs. They do best with good air circulation; if the leaves start to turn brown or dry out too much, try moving them to a less sunny area and increasing your soaking time. If necessary, carefully trim the dry areas with scissors.