Circle and Line


Circle + Line is an Austin-based design studio that produces elegant, singular home goods. We believe that artful objects are also meaningful and that the role of each of our pieces is to reflect and elevate the aesthetics of any space. Corie Humble, our designer and founder, loves to pare her design process down to the most essential elements, to play with execution while remaining committed to the integrity of each piece. There are no gimmicks, no tricks, just beautiful objects suspended in space. The result is a breathtaking blend that elicits wonder and surprise..

The name ‘Circle & Line’ comes from Seeing Is Forgetting the Name of the Thing One Sees: Over Thirty Years of Conversations with Robert Irwin, by Lawrence Weschler. Irwin, a Los-Angeles-based artist, described the circle as “simply the most neutral shape” and the line as “my best possible tool, the cleanest element I could find” with “the greatest amount of power” (104, 66). Irwin’s insight into the function of shapes is seemingly basic, but it has profound implications—what appears to be simple is often actually complex. When combined in just the right way, the most elemental shapes transform into powerful, multifaceted, resonant art.



Corie Humble defines herself as an object designer. She spent much of her career as a leather designer, most recently as the Lead Small Leather Goods designer at Skagen. She occasionally works with selective clients to design products that interest her: she has designed shoes in South Korea that reflected her research on traditional Korean craft practices, worked with groups in Ethiopia that empowered and elevated the artisans who produced her leather designs, and partnered with various companies in the United States. In every project, she combines a deep knowledge of the practical aspects of production with her signature minimal design aesthetic. Her favorite part of the design process is knowing that she has a personal connection with the disparate objects she has thought about, obsessed over, researched, and envisioned—that connection goes with whomever takes those objects home.

Learn more about Corie’s work by visiting her portfolio.


The Circle & Line mobiles explore the many possibilities inherent in juxtaposing, deconstructing, and reconfiguring basic shapes in an endless play of weight, movement, and gravity. Corie began making mobiles on a whim—she originally thought about jewelry but found herself interested in the challenge of taking the basic concepts and producing art on a much larger scale. The first mobile was a revelation and Corie became obsessed with the magic of balancing parts to make a whole. The result was an almost instant success—Anthropologie contacted her to create an order, followed soon by the Citizenry, and Corie’s art process became a thriving business as she partnered with other retail clients and managed to keep up with online orders as well.

Now Corie and her production team in Austin work efficiently to meet the growing demand. She is lucky to have a team that is also made up of artists—the drawings around the production space alone are fantastic. While fulfilling their orders, Corie still makes time for inspiration research and concepting, looking particularly at the refined qualities of Korean and Japanese traditional craft and art history to come up with new ideas. At the end of the day, Corie makes decisions about designs based both on what inspires her and what is feasible. The result is a streamlined, artistic production process that is proficient and innovative.


The small Circle & Line production team makes everything in their Austin studio. They partner with local Texas suppliers to purchase the supplies, and whatever part or service the need to outsource.  Every aspect of the production process—sanding, drilling, scaling, weighing, balancing, fastening, or hanging—is done by hand to the highest, most stringent standards. The result is always a one-of-a-kind art object that possesses its own movement and grace

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